Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science and Applications
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Blacksburg, Va
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Blacksburg, Va

Professional Experience

Assistant Professor
Information Sciences and Technology, Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA
I conduct research and advise students in my group, the User Agency Lab. I also teach a variety of classes.
Research Associate and Postdoctoral Scholar
Information Sciences and Technology, Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA
I conduct research and advise and administer students under the supervision of Professor John M. Carrol. I also teach one class a year.
Research Scientist
Work Practice Technologies, Xerox Research Centre Europe
Meylan, France
Initiated, worked on, and led several research projects supporting work practices including Tools for Crowdworkers.
Adjunct Professor
Virginia Western Community College
Roanoke, VA
Taught 28 undergraduates a course focused on SQL queries and schema design.
Research Assistant
Palo Alto Research Center
Palo Alto, CA
Built and maintained several research projects and studied how questions were answered in Stackoverflow and related websites.
Summer Intern
Palo Alto Research Center
Palo Alto, CA
Built and evaluated the Mail2Wiki tool, a plugin for email that recommended related wiki pages for users and let them drag and drop content directly into the outline of the page.
Graduate Assistant Virginia Tech
Information Technology Group
Blacksburg, VA
Proposed, developed, and deployed different tools for Virginia Tech, most notably the official Virginia Tech iPhone application (Hokie Mobile).
Senior Software Engineer
Roanoke, VA
Meridium is an Asset Performance Management company, whose software suite is used by large petrochemical companies such as Exxon. At Meridium, I led several projects and teams, I served as architect and lead developer for three applications.

Grants and Contracts

At Pennsylvania State University

CHS: Small: Sociotechnical Issues in Crowdwork (not awarded)
This proposal sought to understand and enumerate the breakdowns in the AMT marketplace and expand our analysis to other stakeholders and platforms. As workers and work providers actively engage in End User Development (EUD) activities, we proposed Participatory Design (PD) activities as our primary tool for investigating the issues of workers and work providers.

At Xerox Research Centre Europe

Automatic Knowledge Generation and Curation Based on Multi-Channel Customer Support Interactions
7 Headcounts
This project leveraged crowdsourcing, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning to extract and curate knowledge from the different customer support channels (e.g.\ phone, forums, chat).
Tools for Crowd Workers
3 Headcounts
This project focused on building a set of tools for the crowdworkers on Amazon Mechanical Turk to help onboarding and locating new opportunities. The main result of this project was a set of tools called TurkBench.
Supporting Self-organized Competitions between Call Centre Agents
4 Headcounts
This project built a system that supported ad-hoc competitions between agents (something we observed in our various studies), the system provided a high degree of flexibility in forming competitions and automated the administering of the competition. The features of this system were eventually included in the Xerox-wide platform for call center agents.
Connecting Customer Concerns with Online Portal Usage
2 Headcounts
This project focused on better connecting the needs of customers, as expressed by their support calls, with the provided online portals. We uncovered several key missing or inadequate features and provided designs for each, the responsible product team entered these features into their development roadmap.
Personal Ongoing Performance Awareness for Call Centre Agents
5 Headcounts
This project included several formative ethnographic studies, which ultimately resulted in creating a system that provided each call center agent with feedback on their performance. This system was widely deployed within Xerox once the research portion of the project concluded.


Excellence in Research Award from Xerox Research Centre Europe I received this award due to my successful leadership of a research project that moved the research findings into a deployed product for Xerox.
Nominated for Best Paper at WEBIST Conference
Google Travel Fellowship
Sponsored by Google to attend the 2011 ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. This invitation only award is given to around 50 students a year, and only two students at CHI.

Invited Talks

HCOMP - Remembrance: David B. Martin & his Ethnographic Studies of Crowd Workers.
Presented by Benjamin V. Hanrahan, Penn State University
I was invited to give an overview of the work that David Martin and I did at XRCE investigating the experience and practices of crowd workers.

Professional Activities \& Service

Reviewer for Journals

Journal of Business Ethics
ACM Transactions on Internet Technology
ACM Transactions on Human Computer Interaction
Interacting with Computers
2011, 2014-2016
Journal of Computer Supported Cooperative Work

Area Chair, Track Chair, Senior Program Committee, and Program Committee

Program Committee: International World Wide Web Conference
Program Committee: AAAI Conference on Human Computation and Crowdsourcing
Program Committee: ACM International Working Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces
Associate Chair for Works-In-Progress: ACM SIGCHI Converence on Human Computer Interaction
Program Committee: Communities and Technologies

Reviewer for Conferences and Workshops

ACM SIGCHI Conference on Designing Interactive Systems
ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Computer Interaction
ACM SIGCHI Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work
ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Computer Interaction Works-In-Progress

University Related Activities

Member of the Graduate Recruitment Committee
Participated in Candidacy Examinations for the IST PhD program
Member of Human Computer Interaction SIG at Penn State
Faculty Member of the Graduate School

Teaching & Mentorship

Current Students

Ning F. Ma - Doctoral Student
Rebecca Jonas - Undergraduate Honors Thesis
Anna Miller - Undergraduate Honors Thesis

Previous Students

Jeremy Hill - Masters Student

Courses Taught

IST 210: Organization of Data
This course aimed to give students a fundamental understanding of the database concepts and practical skills used in analyzing and implementing a well­defined database design. In particular, students were provided with an introduction to physical database design, data modeling, relational models, logical database design, and the SQL query language.
ITD 130: Database Management Software
Students in this course gained an introduction to normalization, structured query language, and an overview of the commercial databases available. This class is designed to give them an introduction into database theory including decision making and data manipulation. The course gave the students hands on experience with the most common databases in use today.


Implicit and explicit collective definition of level of difficulty for metrics based competitions in call centers
Hanrahan, Benjamin Vincent and Castellani, Stefania and Colombino, Tommaso and Rozier, David
Prescriptive analytics for customer satisfaction based on agent perception
Francois Ragnet, Stefania Castellani, Benjamin Vincent Hanrahan, Yves Hoppenot
System to Support Contextualized Definitions of Competitions in Call Centers.
Stefania Castellani; Tommaso Colombino; Benjamin V. Hanrahan.
US 8917854 (Granted)
Apparatus and method for generating a graphical representation to motivate employees in a call center.
Francois Ragnet, Yves Hoppenot, Benjamin Vincent Hanrahan, Stefania Castellani, Frederic Somat.
US Patent 9654632 (Granted)
System and Method for Providing Mixed-Initiative Curation of Information Within a Shared Repository.
Gregorio Convertino, Ed H. Chi, Nicholas Kong, Benjamin V. Hanrahan, Guillaume Bouchard, Cedric Archambeau.
US Patent 8656286 (Granted)
System and Method for Supporting Targeted Sharing and Early Curation of Information.
Gregorio Convertino, Ed H. Chi, Benjamin V. Hanrahan, Nicholas Kong, Guillaume Bouchard, Cedric Archambeau.
US Patent 8380743 (Granted)